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Employee Retention — Beyond The Obvious

Employee Retention — Beyond The Obvious

Employee Retention — Beyond The Obvious

The old practice of hiring & firing is out!

Employers are increasingly figuring out that it is cheaper to keep good people than having to hire and onboard new employees. While in the past a simple paycheck might have been enough to make people stay, employers are getting increasingly inventive when it comes to offering sometimes crazy job perks to keep their people happy.

Tech Companies Lead The Way

Trendy tech companies are certainly spearheading that development by offering anything out of the ordinary such as slides to get down a floor, nap pods to get some rest at work, free transportation to ease the commute, cafeterias to keep people at work during lunch, ping pong tables to decompress, massages to get back in the flow and acupuncture to balance the chakras.

Retention: Happy people – Better employees – Better business

When you ask those employers why they spend all the money to offer these perks and amenities, they will tell you that it helps keeping their people happy and engaged. Many employers have even added a new HR role, the Chief Happiness Officer who is tasked to keep the workplace happy. The calculation behind those efforts is quite easy: Happy people will stay. Disgruntled employees are more likely to leave. Employees that are happy mean business. Employees that leave mean additional cost (for hiring, onboarding etc.).

Do We Really Need Gimmicks?

Now my question is: Can your employees be happy without the gimmicks? Without slides? Without wild working environments that mimic tropical rainforests, where you can sit under an (artificial) tree on an (artificial) rock-chair. That’s where THE ENERGY PARADIGM comes in to transform how companies hire, select, train, employ and lead people. Our approach is quite simple: You cannot fix something that happens inside with a measure that happens outside. Translated into easy speak: You cannot fix a lousy job with a massage or by drinking a green juice. The job will stay the same and the employee will afterwards still not like it – if there’s no proper alignment.

A Cost-Effective Approach That Goes Deeper

At THE ENERGY PARADIGM we go deeper into what really matters to people, teams and organizations. To feel at ease and at home at work. This warrants an investigation at the energetic level. Instead of investing in expensive and probably also quickly outdated perks, we help companies invest in their energy and culture. Everyone has a grain, a pattern, a natural way to be. If you follow that pattern you are more likely to find what fulfills you in the long run. Working against the grain creates friction and unhappiness. What needs to happen is an assessment at the energetic level to align the individual grain of people with their jobs and to align and balance the energies that can be found in teams and organizations.

The results are transformative and, as one of our client executives said, life changing. People are happier. Less effort is spent to mitigate unnecessary friction in teams. More effort flows into true performance. One of our clients hit all of their KPIs for the first time in years after we supported them. Everyone wins: People feel a renewed sense of purpose. Focus and productivity increases. You will experience higher retention and less turnover. Your people will love coming to work. And that will ultimately impact your entire organization and business. And it will radiate out to clients and into private lives. That’s the promise of THE ENERGY PARADIGM. Beyond perks.

Many blessings, Dr. Vic

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