Your career can be more than just a means to make money and put food on your table. What sets us apart from other career programs is that we honor the spark and magic in everyone. You are unique. You have a spark. You have talent. You have purpose. And you have a mission. Yes, you have something that the world needs. Something that is begging you to be put to the right use. And that something needs to be reflected in your career. You have energy that gets you going and we help you discover and direct that energy so you can take your career to a whole different level. Discover the spark in you. Validate what you have come here to accomplish in this lifetime. Understand and direct your very own power to accomplish your vision and mission. Honor your spark. Gain the insight and clarity you need to show up with presence and confidence, step up into your true potential, assume responsibility for your work-life, light up your spark and work your magic.



Our career mastery programs are individual one-on-one programs that are highly customized to your specific needs. Depending on your current situation and career goals, we will recommend to work with us between 3 and 12 months. This will ensure we will build a trusting relationship and have time to work on your specific topics such as understanding your career profile, breaking through blocks to unlock your true potential, developing a customized career roadmap that will leverage your personality and potential, empowering you to set yourself up for success with smart career choices and finally putting it all together to lead your career and work your magic. All career mastery programs start with a complimentary 30-minute career mastery session where you set challenging goals and identify barriers that keep you from reaching them. You will then go through the following steps:




The first thing you need to know – in work and life – is yourself: Your natural behaviors and instincts. Your strengths, triggers and push buttons. How you construct your world – and how others perceive you. How you reason and make decisions. How you collaborate and communicate. How you manage and lead. Why you need to know this? Because it’s different for everyone. And if you don’t fully understand yourself, how can you possibly understand others? Your Energy Profile reveals what makes you flow, what keeps you engaged and where you thrive most. And just as important, it lets you find out what you need to avoid. Once this is identified, it will put you in the driver’s seat to finding rich, meaningful and authentic work that lights up your energy, instead of draining it away.


Step 2: YOUR KEY –


The second step you need to take to thrive and shine in your career is to discover and unlock your true potential. Everyone has the potential to make a difference in the world. But for most people their potential stays out of reach, locked away behind mind blocks and detrimental habits. Discover your true potential and address any blocks that might keep you from successfully accessing and using it. Take a deep dive into your mindset and habits. Reveal the hidden dynamics and pattern that unfold below the surface and in your mind to get you unstuck, energetically aligned and thriving. This step is deeply transformational. It takes you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. Identifying and removing blocks, it helps you break through habits that hold you back to emphasize your talent and realize your full potential. This session is the key to unlock your future. It gives you a new lens and perspective for your career – and your life.




Once you unlock your full potential, your options will become more tangible. Instead of doing random, you will find clarity, purpose and meaning in your work-life. And once you have that, you have a roadmap that you can follow. Explore different options and possibilities to develop a roadmap that matches your energy type and true potential. Whether you’re pondering education, employment, entrepreneurial or work-life choices, we’ll help you make the right decisions that will set you up for success and fulfillment. Align your career choices with your roadmap. Get clear on what direction to choose and what you can do to stay aligned with your inner grain and energy type instead of doing random or settling for second best.


Step 4: YOUR MATCH –


Once you have a roadmap, you are ready to turn the tables: Put yourself in the driver’s seat when making career moves. Whether you are searching and interviewing for your next employment or pursuing a promotion: Together we will devise a customized action plan to get you where you want to be – in alignment with how you are so you can thrive. A job is not just something you should take. It is something you should choose. And knowing your very own energy type, potential and roadmap, now you can choose wisely. In this phase, we will touch on: Your Inner Game to get you into the right mindset (success mindset, clear expectations, job strategy etc.), Your Outer Game to get you ready to get hired or promoted (resume, cover letter, interview training etc.) and Successful Execution to make the right impression (mastering interviews and assessments etc.).


Step 5: YOUR LEAD –


Now you are ready to take full ownership of your career. Take charge and lead your work-life with confidence and authenticity. It’s your responsibility now to make sure that you set yourself up for success with your choices and/or that you are being set up for success by your employer. Align your career with your unique energy flow. Find your voice. Find your strength. Stand your ground. Speak your truth. Everyone has their own way and this step is designed to find your very own approach to leading yourself. Identify your unique approach to leadership. Master your domain. Transcend competition, judgment and invalidation to rest in the center of your knowing. Think truth, speak truth, act truth. Sense and know what’s right. That’s the way of the true leader. Deeply transformational on all levels, this step is validating who you really are. And the only person able to validate you is you! Become your own master. Work your magic.

Master your career. Discover the true power of you. Know who you are at heart and beyond conventions. Redefine your greater goals. Unlock your talent and potential. Identify and break through your biggest blocks. Define your roadmap. Uncover your purpose. Find meaning. Empower yourself for success. Dare to stand out and shine your light. Lead your career. Make a difference. Become the difference you’d like to see.

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Start taking the necessary steps to deeply transform your career, find your calling and reach your goals. To infuse your work-life with meaning and purpose. To make a difference for yourself and others. To leave your mark and create your legacy.

“I had an enlightening session with The Energy Paradigm. They were able to accurately assess my working style and help me consider steps to improve my current work as well as what I might want to pursue in the future. They were fun, conversational and incredibly insightful. I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their current work, looking to put together a team, or hire new staff. – Jane B. Jones


“The Energy Paradigm helped me discover and harness my talent, power and potential. Their insight helped me understand what’s right for me so I can be ready for the future and set myself up for success.” – Jacqueline S.