“Everyone possesses the magic to make a difference in the world. Let me help you discover and tap into your magic. Let me help you shine your light!” – Dr. Vic, Founder & CEO

A Leader in the Energy Space

“Dr. Vic coached me 1 on 1 and helped me find a new career direction.

Not only is he an insanely impressive person, he is a leader in the energy space – not only in education but in execution. That is rare. He walks the walk. His insightful and thoughtful guidance provided so much clarity for me that I was energized and inspired. His deep understanding of energy and people is a killer combination”

Noe Ramos, Technology Leader

“What an amazing experience!

It was so powerful to hear what you see in me. It gave me confidence to be authentic and true to myself. I will now find the courage to share my mind and speak my truth”

Jill Heine, HR Professional

“Dr. Vic is incredibly gifted.

Not only does he make you feel extremely comfortable, but he accurately pinpoints specific areas of your work-life in which you hope to improve, and gives you insightful tools to be successful. Such a wonderful experience that I hope everyone gets the chance to take part in.”

Jillian Sternberg, Sr. Account Executive

“Victor’s assessment changed my life.

 Not just my career, by landing the job, but it gave me affirmation of what I thought about myself – that I had the ability to be a manager, a leader in a great company.”

John Johnson

“I had an enlightening session with The Energy Paradigm.

They assessed and characterized my working style with pinpoint accuracy and helped me consider steps to start out as well as what I might want to pursue in the future. They were fun, conversational, and incredibly insightful. I recommend them to anyone.” .

Jane B Jones

A truly transformational initiative

“Looking for the right way to improve employee engagement and motivation throughout our organization,

Dr. Vic was able to go deeper to identify and address root causes of energy drains and disengagement in our organization. Our employees are visibly more motivated and engaged after Dr. Vic’s presentation and workshop. A truly transformational initiative!” – Bertus Cilliers, CFO & Board Member

Bertus Cilliers, CFO & Board Member