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Discover the Paradigm

In the first installment of The Energy Paradigm Show on Transformation Talk Radio, Dr. Vic and Dr. Pat discuss how we can discover the paradigm (the program) that ultimately drives our lives – our perceptions, thoughts, decisions, feelings and behavior – and what we can do to change the paradigm to make it ours so […]

From Friction to Flow

Dr. Vic was featured on the Dr. Pat Show with Transformation Talk Radio (TTR). Broadcast via facebook live and radio, the title of the one-hour interview was “From Friction To Flow”, providing a first glimpse into The Energy Paradigm and the upcoming Energy Paradigm Show on TTR. Watch this episode through our youtube channel by […]

Connecting Humanity with Kindness and Compassion – A Message From The Dalai Lama

An Unexpected Invitation I was speechless when I received an email from the office of His Holiness The Dalai Lama, stating that I had been invited to a private audience with His Holiness The Dalai Lama. The message was short, just stating that there would be a meeting and that I was to report at […]

The Power of Silence

Introverts are still largely misunderstood and undervalued in our society, our educational system and in business organizations. Introverts don’t raise their voices. They often remain silent in meetings. They tend to hold back. They quite often feel socially awkward. They don’t ask for help but will rather try to figure it out themselves. They are […]

An Ode To Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) At Work

Yes, I am a highly sensitive person (HSP) and I have a whole laundry list of things that are either a MUST or a NO WAY when it comes to my sanity, personal interactions, meetings and work spaces. And that laundry list of sensitivities has gotten me into trouble because I did not realize that […]

How To Upgrade Your Career

This video episode has Dr. Vic talking about first signs of a midlife crisis and why this time is one of the greatest opportunities to make positive changes in your work life. If you align your energy with what you do, you can upgrade your career so you actually want to go to work. How […]

Employee Retention — Beyond The Obvious

The old practice of hiring & firing is out! Employers are increasingly figuring out that it is cheaper to keep good people than having to hire and onboard new employees. While in the past a simple paycheck might have been enough to make people stay, employers are getting increasingly inventive when it comes to offering […]