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The Paradigm Services

Paradigm Service Levels

  1. Organizational Programs aim at deep organization wide transformation by customizing and deploying a tailor made program that meets your specific needs so you can implement your strategy and successfully reach your desired future-state.
  2. Leadership Transformation that aims at identifying leaders for hiring/promoting that bring a new level of care to your organization that sets your people up for lasting success.
  3. People & Talent Services that help you hone-in on certain parts of concern within your organization by addressing people and talent to help you hire the right people and set them up for lasting success.
  4. Team & Culture Services that help you assess and adjust team energy, team dynamics with the goal of shifting friction to flow and then deploying the same concept to your culture and vibe throughout your organization.
  5. Speaking/Workshops/Trainings to inspire and motivate your leadership and workforce to adopt a different approach and implement a new lens and new perspective for your organization that has the power to shift friction to flow.


Organizational Programs

From Present to Future State - From Friction to Flow

Our Integrated Engagement Programs begin with an Organizational Energy Assessment that will help you understand the dynamics of your Present State (your particular energetic starting point). From there, we develop the right curriculum for your specific needs to reach your desired Future State: Whether you seek to future-proof your organization, get ready for growth or major change, increase motivation, engagement and productivity or set yourself apart from competition, we have the right program and solution for you:

FUTURE STATE - CLOSING THE GAP: For organizations that seek to implement and support enterprise-wide strategy and/or paradigm shifts, future-readiness or change initiatives, we offer scalable organizational transformation and readiness programs that will help close the gap between people and strategy.

ORGANIZATIONAL ENERGY SHIFT: For organizations that seek to assess, shift and optimize organizational energy across branches, locations, units and teams to boost effectiveness and pinpoint and address energetic blocks within their organization, we offer customized assessments and follow-up engagements to help them shift from friction to flow.

M&A INTEGRATION: For organizations that seek to secure their M&A investment, we offer People and Team Due Diligence programs to anticipate, plan and optimize post-merger people integration.

EMPLOYEE BENEFIT: For organizations that seek an innovative employee benefit, we offer one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions (usually as follow-up to our energy assessments) to activate talent, foster potential, and optimize engagement and motivation through regular one-on-one sessions.

All of our projects deliver bespoke solutions, often integrating several of our stand-alone services. Providing the advantages of a high-impact tailor-made approach and scalability, we guarantee maximum effectiveness of our methodology and interventions, whether for yourself, your top leadership or management, or throughout the entire organization and across various departments.

Leadership Transformation


SUBTLE LEADERSHIP: Helping leaders read and navigate the subtle energetic undercurrents of their organizations to help them create a state of balance and flow and catch unwanted trends before they can manifest.

LEADERSHIP READINESS GATE: Formal (subtle) leadership assessment to ensure that leaders you are planning on hiring or promoting within your organization have what it takes to become successful in your organization.

LEADER COACHING/MENTORING: One-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions to enable your leaders to SHOW UP, STEP UP and LIGHT UP your organization and their teams.

People & Talent Services

Talent Activated - Future Energized

Our People & Talent Services enable you to do right by your people: Whether you seek to hire, select or promote the right talent, energize your people or motivate your organization inside-out, we have the right solution for you:

ENERGY ASSESSMENTS (for Hiring/Promoting/Succession): Assessing the energy level, state and constellation of each candidate enables us to gauge potential and access individual success factors - crucial information if you intend to set your people up for success and lead them accordingly.

TALENT ACTIVATION: Finding the “good button” in people to set new hires as well as existing team members up for lasting success, thus overall increasing motivation and engagement in your organization - now that's critical information you need to take your leadership approach to the next level.

COACHING/MENTORING: Targeted one-on-one mentoring/coaching sessions to address road blocks, activate dormant talent, or initiate inner growth - usually following our energy assessments to set a new hire or existing team member up for lasting success.

Team & Culture Services

Dynamics Harmonized - Teams Happy

There's a huge difference between a pressure cooker environment that coerces teams to deliver and a place where people truly enjoy to be. Where the individual is valued. Where people are allowed to be and to bring themselves in fully. Where they feel the collective energy to get things done.

TEAM ENERGY DYNAMICS: Analyzing and adjusting team dynamics to lift communication and collaboration to the power of energy and thus transform friction to flow - extremely useful information if you seek to optimize the energy dynamics of your team.

TEAM SETUP & ENERGY STATE: Assessing the energy state as well as energetic setup of teams to identify energy levels and tendencies as well as potential misalignments, blocks or friction. Addressing those findings can greatly improve team effectiveness and also wellbeing of team members.

RESONANT CULTURE: For teams and organizations that are interested not only in securing and activating the right talent but also in shifting their culture from friction to flow, to set their people, teams, and departments up for lasting success, we offer culture activation programs that help transform their culture to the power of energy, to be resonant from within.

Inspirational Speaking - Workshops & Trainings

A New Lens - A Different Perspective

Speaking & Key-Notes: Providing a new lens and different perspective for decision-makers through inspirational presentations, thought provoking speaking engagements and to-the-point key-notes.

Workshops: Providing first-hand insight and tangible experience into the energy levels of organizations, their undercurrents as well as their inner workings through guided workshops, suitable for groups of up to thirty decision makers.

Trainings: Providing targeted trainings in the areas of candidate interviewing, communication, periodic reviews, energetic leadership and understanding team energy dynamics for managers, leaders and team leads.


Set your people up for lasting Success! Activate the Talent that is already present! Harmonize the energy in your teams! Transform friction to flow within your organization!

Help your people: SHOW UP, STEP UP and LIGHT UP so they can make a real difference!


As part of the Human Potential Movement, we operate at the intersection of Talent Management/Acquisition, Organizational Energy/Development and East-West Psychology, providing innovative solutions to people related opportunities and challenges within organizations, teams and individuals to shift the culture and vibe from friction to flow and activate the Human Potential that stands in between Strategy and Performance.

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