Dr. Vic – Victor Porak de Varna, PhD (Founder & CEO)

Founder and CEO of The Energy Paradigm, Dr. Vic is a Pioneer and Thought Leader in the fields of Human Potential, Business Energetics, Cultural Sustainability, and Organizational Energy.

An expert profiler with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Vic is a trusted advisor to Leaders, Boards, and Executives who are ready to look beyond “business as usual” and “people as a resource” to the intangible success factors and energetic undercurrents that drive their businesses from the core.

“The reality of any business is a direct outcome of Subtle Energetic Undercurrents within organizations, teams and individuals that ultimately materialize into the tangible world. The only way to change a business, is to address the energetic undercurrents that have helped create the current reality.” – Dr. Vic

Dr. Vic has helped Global Fortune companies and US-based startups alike transform their approach to talent, leadership, team energy, and organizational culture to activate, motivate and engage their full human potential – to shift friction to flow.

With a Ph.D. in Communications and a Master’s Degree in Information Management from UNISG – University of St. Gallen, Switzerland –  and endorsed by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Dr. Vic combines Western and Eastern philosophies into a transformational approach to culture, leadership, and engagement that activates the good in people – beyond silly perks.

“Actions always speak louder than words. Yet, it is the energy at the origin of every action that uncovers its true motives and intents. That energy cannot be faked, nor can it be accessed by the intellect alone: It needs to be sensed, felt and known.” – Dr. Vic

Former Researcher and Lecturer, with 21 publications, he collaborated with the Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management at UNISG Switzerland (the birthplace of Organizational Energy) and had the honor of working alongside Nobel Laureate Dr. Vernon L. Smith at George Mason University in Arlington, VA.

His extensive training in the field as well as his experience working with diverse clients around the globe, has helped Dr. Vic ascertain that there is more to business, life, and people than readily meets the eye. A new lens, a different perspective, and a new paradigm are needed to access the intangible/energetic side of people, teams, and organizations to elevate their untapped potential into reality.

Danielle Porak de Varna, MEd PhDc (Co-Founder)

Co-Founder and Academic Advisor to The Energy Paradigm, Danielle Porak de Varna (MEd, PhDc) brings a deep understanding of East West Psychology, Human Potential, Augmented Consciousness and a wide variety of applied energetic modalities to our team to facilitate deep transformation, personal shifts as well as healing and body/mind/spirit wellbeing for our clients:

  • Somatics (neuromuscular science)
  • Holistic Health Approaches (wellbeing)
  • Energy Adjustments (clearing/balance)
  • Heart-Centered Healing Modalities
  • Shamanic & Visionary Approaches
  • Alchemy / Journey of Transformation
  • Mentorship (insight & guidance)
  • Spiritual Healing Modalities (clarity)
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Spirit Wise for Women
  • Intuitive Approaches
  • Trauma Healing

Complementary to her Ph.D. studies in East-West Psychology, Danielle has trained extensively with the Arthur Findlay College in the UK as well as with the Inner Connection Institute in the US and is a Reverend with the Church of Inner Light.

Danielle is the walking encyclopedia of healing modalities and will intuitively find the right approaches that apply to the specific circumstances of our clients.

“Your experience is reflected in your body/mind/spirit field. All three need to be addressed to induce deep healing” – Danielle Porak de Varna

With a B.A. from Smith College and an M.Ed. from the University of Virginia, Danielle is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in East-West Psychology from CIIS in California.

Bringing in the novel notion of Integral Leadership into the corporate world, Danielle advocates for a strong and grounded nervous system and a healthy approach to body/mind/spirit as a counterbalance to our brain-dominated world. Our future is not only in the head but requires a balance in body, mind, and spirit. The future of leadership is calm, centered, and grounded – acknowledging the whole person. Its approach needs to be heart over head so that Leadership becomes Eldership from a place of inner work, personal transformation and deep wisdom.

Mark Carr – BS, MBA

HR Innovator and Leadership Visionary, Mark brings decades of executive Leadership expertise as CHRO and Head of HR to the team, along with his extensive working experience across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Mark is instrumental in helping innovate the HR and Leadership functions for our clients.

Mark is a distinguished global Senior Human Resources Executive, Corporate Officer and Executive Coach with an outstanding record of success in transforming organizations into a strategic competitive advantage for high growth companies. Highly versatile with experience providing strategic and operational leadership and coaching to globally-dispersed management teams across Asia, North America and Europe supporting rapidly-evolving semiconductor and high technology companies.

  • Transformational Human Resources
  • Strategic HR/Business Consulting
  • Keynote Speaker on Leadership
  • Global HR Operations
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Talent Acquisition/Development
  • Mergers/Acquisition/Divestiture
  • Employee Relations/Engagement/Retention
  • Cross Cultural Leadership / DE&I
  • Comp Committee/HCOC experience
  • Succession Planning/9 Box
  • Certified Executive Coach

As a key member of executive teams, Mark achieved exceptional results in improving revenues, margins and profitability through dynamic leadership, strategic planning and communications.

Mark is the author of “Ascend, Leadership Lessons at 28,000 feet” which is available on Amazon, and has been a keynote speaker at a variety of Human Resource conferences throughout the United States.

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